“When I found Genergy-HP, I was simply looking for some help with dealing with a nagging quadriceps injury. Little did I know I was stumbling across a system that could build the perfect athlete. As a chiropractic physician with an honors degree in exercise physiology and biomechanics, (who had also competed internationally in track and field), I thought I had a pretty good understanding of how the body works.Coach Bruggeman took it to a different level. He understands human movement better than ANYONE I have ever encountered, including dozens of my professors, and hundreds of my colleagues (including medical doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers and more). Coach Bruggeman and I have been actively working together to remove limitations in order to optimize performance. Starting with the intrinsic muscles of the feet and then working up the chain, this is exactly what athletes need to find the missing link to serious improvement. We spent six weeks doing nothing that looked like traditional weight training, and on my first day of heavy lifting back, I PRd my deadliest! Strength and conditioning can only be optimized if it is built on the right foundation, and Coach Bruggeman understands this perfectly. Seeing his results with me and knowing the elite world class athletes he’s helped refine, I highly recommend him to all of my patients who are looking for athletic guidance, and would definitely recommend him to any aspiring (or already elite) athlete.”
Moses Bernard, BSc, DC- Functional Movement Re-education & Upper Cervical Care

“A one-stop-shop! Team Genergy-HP really took care of everything and made life easy… My job was to follow the plan, work hard and focus on recovery. As a Professional Basketball player you see a lot of strength and conditioning coaches and nutritionist, but this is a total package. I’ve jumped higher, lifted more and played harder with this system behind me. It was like having a user guide for my body, thanks to Genergy-HP I’m performing to my potential!”
Loren Woods – Professional Basketball

“I began working with Genergy-HP in preparation for an upcoming MMA fight. After only a couple weeks Coach Bruggeman had my weight down to a point where I didn’t need to kill myself cutting. My energy was high, recovery was great and I made weight no problem. Since teaming up with Genergy-HP they’ve supported me though every fight. They’re strength and conditioning program is cutting edge, unlike any system being used with fighters anywhere. I’ve managed to stay injury free, dropped a weight class and achieved both the physique and performance I’ve always wanted.”
Hector Ochoa – Pro MMA fighter

I’m a health and fitness enthusiast who spends a lot of spare time researching and reading about nutrition, strength and conditioning; I consider myself much more knowledgeable than the average gym-goer. I’m also Italian, love food and have never been blessed with a metabolism that lets me eat whatever I want with no repercussions… When I first met Ryan, I was seriously struggling with a major body composition plateau — I was adding muscle but I could NOT decrease body fat. Because of my frustration I had started over-training and under-eating; my stress level was through the roof, I wasn’t sleeping well and my focus at work was lousy. During my first conversation with Ryan at the gym, I recognized he had significant expertise spanning physiology, nutrition, strength and conditioning; therefore, I trusted his ability to actually help me identify and fix the problem(s). He looked at the whole picture, not just diet and exercise. The metabolic testing I did with Genergy gave me the hard data I needed before I could mentally accept that I needed to eat a lot more and work out a lot less. Ryan also helped me identify what fuel works best for my metabolism (in my case, fats); this allowed me to improve my food choices and most importantly, time my carb consumption better for optimum energy levels and improved fat loss. Ryan also showed me some great new conditioning methods – short and brutal, but exactly how I like my ‘cardio’! And Sylvia shared some of her awesome recipes with me to help me mix up my usual diet. Using the sample nutrition plan Genergy built for me and adding the new conditioning methods to my training program, I ate more, worked out less, slept better, and finally saw the changes I’d been working so hard for! I’d recommend the Genergy team to absolutely anyone.”
Cara – Military contractor, health and fitness nut

“Several years ago I was in a car accident which left me with a substantial amount of back pain. I was referred to Genergy-HP because they had a reputation of success with clients like myself. After only a few short months of working with Genergy-HP I was pain free and had somehow moved on to tackling new goals. As a former collegiate football player I was always in shape, the lack of physical activity due to back pain had caused me to gain weight. By the end of my time with Genergy-HP I lost over 40 pounds, gained muscle and felt great!”
Drew Blount – Rehabilitation and weight loss

“Meeting Genergy-HP could have been one of them best things for the longevity of my career. They have been a one-stop-shop for nutrition, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, flexibility and lifestyle coaching. Their training system is innovative and effective, Coach Bruggeman even takes a punch or two when he trains me in boxing. They Team is always there to support me, they even supplied me with a personal chef to make life convenient. Genergy-HP has tuned me up in-season when I’m banged up and been my solution for off-season training in Tampa Bay. Go Team Genergy!”
Ryan Malone – NHL Tampa Bay Lightning

“After a Back surgery kept me from playing to my potential with the Toronto Blue Jays in 2013 I decided to do something different. When I met the team at Genergy-HP they were very thorough in assessing my needs. It wasn’t long till my back was fully rehabilitated and I felt like my old self. Their system exceeded my expectations and helped me surpass previous personal records. I’ve never experience a training system quite like this. By the time Spring Training started I reported to camp stronger, leaner and more athletic than ever before. Thanks to all the hard work we did this off-season I’m on track to making 2014 my best season yet!”
Melky Cabrera – MLB Toronto Blue Jays

“Becoming a 5-time boxing world champion was a long journey and a difficult task, But competing at the highest level at the age of 45 is something few athletes can do. I’ve worked with coaches my entire career, all over the world, and never met any this complete. Boxing is a tough sport, so the training not only has to get you strong, fast, and conditioned, but to compete at this level at my age you need something special. Genergy-HP broke down my entire body, nutrition and lifestyle in order to help me develop the right strategy. Coach Bruggeman has helped me with the rehabilitation, strength & conditioning, nutrition and mental preparation I need to keep an edge over my opponents. I would highly recommend Genergy-HP to any Pro or aspiring athletes, whether you’re looking to develop the proper foundation or rebuild a bad one, this is the company I want in my corner when its time to fight.”
Antonio Tarver – 5-time Boxing world champion

“As someone who needs a program that can meet my needs for high energy, strength and performance, Genergy-HP was the perfect fit. For me, the thought of improving my golf game was the reason I decided to work with Coach Bruggeman at Genergy-HP, all the other benefits were a surprising bonus. Since becoming a Genergy-HP client I’ve been injury free, lost weight, gained strength & power, and even managed to improve my handicap! I’d highly recommend Genergy-HP to anyone looking to become a better athlete or get in the best shape of their life!”
Karen Wilder – Golfer

“As a father, husband and business owner with the goal of having a world class physique, I needed a fitness solution that could meet my schedule demands and produce amazing results. When I started my journey with Genergy-HP, one of the things I really liked was not having to think about anything. Every meal, every session, every outcome was strategically planned which allowed me to just focus on working hard. Even on days I didn’t feel like training, Coach Bruggeman was always able to pull every last drop of performance out of me and push me toward achieving my goal. After an intense 12 weeks of training, I stepped on stage to compete in my first physique competition and won my age division (over 40). Now I’m looking forward to living lean, staying healthy and enjoying life with a program I can sustain. Thank you Genergy-HP!”
Mark Radi – Physique competitor

“When I found Genergy-HP I was a former collegiate Lacrosse player that always wanted to play pro-football. After assessing my abilities and limitations, they were able to develop a program to get me ready for the NFL combine. During the process I managed to gain 20lbs of muscle and a ton of strength, but unfortunately found out I had been training through torn ACL, which halted my strength and conditioning. When I got ACL reconstruction surgury, Coach Bruggeman was able to blend my program by integrating rehabilitation with strength and conditioning to accelerate my recovery. After 7 1/2 month I was cleared by Dr. Scott, and was back on track for the combine. I performed really well for my combine, and got invited to training camp with the Lakeland Raiders. Coach Bruggeman really supported me every step of the way and I’m looking forward to continuing to develop my body and athleticism with Genergy-HP.”
EA Izzle Gray – NCAA Div 2 Lacrosse National Champion

“When I met the team at Genergy-HP I had been training for my Pro softball tryout. I heard that Coach Bruggeman consulted the Toronto Blue Jays on strength and conditioning and I knew that if anyone could help me it was him. They assessed everything about me; movement, strengths, weaknesses, habbits, nutrition and came up with a strategy. As a girls travel ball coach I appreciated their commitment to me and will be confident in recommending my athletes work with Genergy-HP also.”
Stephanie Ramos – Softball coach