The assessment:

At Genergy-HP we take a NASCAR approach to sports performance. It takes a team, high performance machine and an intelligent driver to be successful. If the car or driver break down, the entire machine suddenly becomes less productive. If the team doesn’t know what parts are needed to fix the problem, improvements in performance are unlikely.

We run a full diagnostic in aim to uncover your limiting factors, and performance needs, providing a clear cut solution to helping you reach ultimate success.
Our Performance screen is a complete assessment of your ability to demonstrate efficient movement, strength, power and work capacity. The entire process is captured on video, slow motion analysis provides us the opportunity to uncover your specific performance needs and explain how to make the greatest impact, helping you achieve your goals.
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Postural restoration:

Poor postural alignment is a major Contributer to pain, injuries and dysfunction. At the highest level of sport, these factors lead to restricted movement, power leaks, and eventually early retirement.

Humans as a species are born with a blank slate, Along the way we tend to fall into patterns of dysfunction, feeding injury and ultimately diminished performance.

Limited functional patterns are a result of improper joint, muscular, and mediastinum resting positions. These restrictions prevent athletes from using muscles and joints in their normal range. The limitations lead to hyperactivity and compensatory movement, forcing the athlete to deviate from optimal mechanics.

Your unique postural restoration protocol will serve as a user guide for your body, allowing you to reboot your body’s systems. Depending on your unique setting, the program may include restoration of the following: breathing, foot/ ankle, hips, spine, shoulders etc.

Your body acts as a integrated unit, dependent on maintaining original alignment in order accurately produce powerful movement in a coordinated fashion at game speed.

The footwork:

The foot may be the most overlooked component to performance today, yet is your body’s first contact with the ground. Impairment to any degree of foot/ankle function will dramatically distort sensory perception, the primary feedback mechanism that allows elite athletes to decelerate, change directions, and jump better than their counterparts.

The Genergy-HP footwork system is designed to restore and strengthen the entire foot & ankle. Regardless of foot position, the rest of the body should be able to maintain strong alignment and coordination in the presence of change. Since the foot is the primary propulsion system, optimizing its ability to produce and reduce forces is essential to elite athletes. By ignoring this aspect of performance athletes become more prone to faulty mechanics, missed plays and injuries.

Nervous system training:

“Bigger, faster, stronger”… A commonly accepted mantra among common athletes. To develop superior athletes specific attributes must be layered over an athletic foundation that begins with movement competency.

Timing, coordination and movement pattern fluidity is a component to athleticism that can be developed to high levels. The best athletes contract and relax with appropriate timing to execute explosive movements at game speed.

Our nervous system training optimizes the nervous systems control over the muscular systems involvement. By improving the timing and coordination of the neuromuscular system we can develop more explosive athletes. Concentration on improving stretch shortening capabilities enhances energy storage and facilitates maximal muscle recruitment in a minimal amount of time.

Strength & Power:

Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman, kettlebells, medicine balls, and suspension training are all great tools, however great systems uses these tools when appropriate. Your customized performance enhancement plan will be dictated by the following criteria:

- experience
- injuries, limitations, dysfunctions
- sport
- position
- strengths and weaknesses
- off-season, in-season, post-season
- Work capacity


Accelerating fat loss and improving work capacity is a process best approached with close attention to specificity, intensity and progressive overload. Ask yourself, does your sport require short maximal efforts repeated over time, or continuous sub-maximal effort over a long duration. The specific energy system demands of your sport will determine the appropriate method for conditioning your body to sustain maximal output under intense conditions.

Metabolic conditioning programs will better serve you by addresings 2 key components:

-Individual physiology and biomotor abilities.
-Physical demands of your sport.

Our metabolic testing system is the industry standard diagnostic tool for measuring lung capacity, cardiovascular efficiently, energy substrate utilization and power output. At Genergy-HP we will measure your progress every step of the way.

Benefits of our system include:
-Improved aerobic /anaerobic endurance
-Improved utilization of fats as an energy substrate
-Enhanced work capacity
-Increased lactic/ alactic power
-Optimizing energy systems and gas tank
-Up-regulate metabolism

Once we collect data about your performance, we will develop a specific solution to elicit adaptations needed to perform at a high level.

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At Genergy-HP we use whatever means necessary to develop superior athletes. Our system can be tailored to meet the needs of youth, high school, collegiate and professional athletes.

Pro clients with major sports organizations include:
-MLB (Major League Baseball)
-NHL (National Hockey League)
-NFL. (National Football League)
-NBA (National Basketball Association)
-MLS (Major League Soccer)
-UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)
-WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)

Including World Champions & Olympians!

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